Declaração da Presidência, em nome da UE, com o lançamento dos membros da oposição e outros, na Etiópia

Date:   2007-07-20

The EU welcomes the release of the members of the opposition following the pardon granted to those sentenced in relation to the events following the May 2005 elections. The EU congratulates all that have worked to achieve this outcome.

The release represents a significant gesture of reconciliation and should mark a new beginning for the country. The EU remains confident that all sides will work together for the future good of Ethiopia and confirms its strong belief that the only manner to resolve differences is through continuous and constructive dialogue.

The EU hopes that all those who have been charged with similar offences and who have chosen to defend themselves will likewise be released or acquitted soon.

The EU stands ready to continue lending any support deemed necessary to the efforts to promote national reconciliation.