European leaders approve Treaty of Lisbon

European leaders approve Treaty of Lisbon
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«The new Treaty of Lisbon was born today. This is a European victory». These were the words of the president of the Council of the European Union, José Sócrates, while announcing the agreement among European leaders on the new reform Treaty. José Sócrates also declared, during the press conference at the end of the first day of the Lisbon Informal Summit, that EU’s reform Treaty will be formally signed on 13 December, in Lisbon.

For the current president of the Council of the EU, this accord on the new Treaty will allow Europe to «overcome the impasse of many years and overcome its institutional crisis, giving thus an important step towards its affirmation».

«With this accord and with the new Treaty, Europe shows that the European project is developing itself», stressed José Sócrates, also emphasizing that, from today, Europe can look ahead confidently into its future.

«The Portuguese presidency has fulfilled its plan: to discuss and approve the Treaty on Thursday and on Friday to start discussing important matters for the future of the EU», declared José Sócrates. The president of the Council of the EU also made a point of publicly thanking the president of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, for the support given to the presidency throughout the process for the conclusion of the Treaty.

During the press conference José Manuel Barroso stated that he was «extremely happy» with the accord of the 27 countries of the EU. «It is true that during the German presidency great steps were taken, but it was with the determination and the competence of the Portuguese Presidency that we have reached this historic accord», said the president of the Commission.

According to Barroso, with the reform Treaty Europe will be stronger to assume its role in the world and to solve the economic problems of its citizens».