José Sócrates realiza a primeira cimeira UE-Brasil

The President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who will be in Lisbon on Wednesday to take part in the first EU/Brazil summit has stressed, on an interview given to the news agency Lusa, in Brasilia, “Portugal’s special commitment” with the strategic partnership’s accomplishment, to which he referred as a “gesture of recognition for the history and friendship ties that bind the Brazilian and Portuguese people together”.

The ceremony, which will take place on 4th July, late afternoon, in the permanent premises of the Portuguese Presidency of the eu, will bring together the Prime Minister and President of the European Council, José Sócrates, the President Lula da Silva and Durão Barroso, president of the EC.

This summit will place Brazil on the partnership level with the European Union similar to the one already held by the USA, Russia, China, Japan, Canada and India. Its importance will allow, according to the statements given to the Portuguese by the Brazilian President, the “more consistent conciliation” between the eu and Mercosur.

During the presentation of the Portuguese Presidency’s programme, in late June, the Prime Minister, José Sócrates, had stressed “that, by Portugal’s choice, our Presidency will start with the new I Summit, the Summit with Brazil”.

On that occasion, before the Members of the Portuguese Parliament, José Sócrates stated “this will surely be a very impressive mark on the I s foreign policy, which will provide coherence to Europe’s relations with the emerging economical powers”.

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